Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Fiesta Musical on KO-OP Radio is airing an homenaje to Roy Montelongo, leyenda of la musica tejana. The Statesman printed nothing about his career; perhaps the Chronicle will. Last night Jackie Chan in "Who Am I" provided the laughs. The sequence in Rotterdam featuring stepping on toes and sabots is a classic. Evidently this did not receive theatrical exhibition in this country according to the International Movie Database, but was shown on cable TV. The Luddites rejoice to read that, if massive power blackouts come to California this summer, gym treadmills will come to a standstill, among other less salubrious phenomena. Sammy and Bob on KVET this morning were making fun of Barbra Streisand's exhortation to stop using clothesdryers. Clear Channel, KVET's owner, has evidently reached an agreement that will permit return to audio streaming, with internet-targeted commercials replacing local ads.


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