Monday, January 28, 2002

It's a little-known fact that people get through faster to "customer care" by not running the punch-a-number maze. I*'ve about had it with my chief bank, but at last I reached someone able to explain in full the implications of various new regulations not at all favorable to the poor user of bank services Yes, I started out trustingly with Franklin Savings because that institution rehabbed old structures around town and used them as bank branches. Subsequently the outfit evolved through other names too numerous to mention and now it's only because there are three branches within walking distance and the good checking account deal I have that I can stand banking with Wells Fargo at all. The people who used to work there are long since gone. Another reason for going to Franklin was that the University Credit Union at that time did not do mortgage-lending and Franklin was the only institution that would lend anything to fools wanting to buy in Travis Heights, Hyde Park, and similar neighborhoods. At the time, all "sane" people were flocking to Bill Milburn, Nash-Phillips-Copus, John Lloyd, etc..


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