Sunday, April 14, 2002

I'm ready to skip to 2003. What a favor people do when they arrange their business and personal affairs in such a fashion as to avoid disrupting the lives of others for months on end. Never was the escapist film festival more needed: The escapist film festival more needed: Shaolin Soccer, Phantom Lady, and The One. I can't remember the names of the other Stephen Chow movies we've seen, but this was far from the best. We did, however, enjoy the sight of a ladies' soccer team all of the members of which wore painted-on mustaches. The actor playing Golden Leg Fung we've seen in tons and tons of movies, and most of the other faces were familiar also. The One does no favors for Jet-Li's American career--it showed off no grace and it didn't show off his personality. Delroy Lindo was wasted in this one also. It turned out that we'd seen Phantom Lady and on the big screen, but we couldn't remember where--New Haven? NYC? Rochester? San Francisco? London? Definitely a B item, but visually handsome.


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