Wednesday, April 17, 2002

On our novela the Banda el Recodo was featured and now I can't rid my mental jukebox of "Y llegaste tu." The lyric is irritatingly repetitive, but of course all the time that tune with all the hooks is what's really going through your mind. While looking for streaming audio on this, I ran across a banda appreciation whose writer regards the letra of this song as great literature. I'd still like to find some streaming audio for this, but the Walmart search function isn't working well right now. Of all the big stores, Walmart has the best selection of norteno, Tejano, onda grupero, etc. There are some small on-line discotecas that do, but they never feature streaming audio. Walmart even has somebody who censors in Spanish. We made the mistake of acquiring a Tropa F there that was bleeped. Amazon has not much.


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