Friday, May 17, 2002

Troubleshooting's not revealing anything and haven't had time to find a loaner/renter to substitute for near-useless monitor. This is day number ???. Postings will continue here by touch-"typing" and shortcut keys since this is where all personal work is done. There'll be reminders now and fuller postings later. Maybe there'll be some time this weekend to try to do somethi8ng about this. It's not even certain whether it's the card or the minitor itself. We're already sucked in to "El privilegio de amar" and we haven't even seen Cesar Evora in action. Helene Rojas is great, as always. We're surprised to see the actress who was in the novela set in "San Carlos"--the second Gaby Spanic one, between La usurpadora and La intrusa--and then was more or less the juvenile lead in the one set in the boarding school. We read in the pulps that she and Juan Soler weren't getting along. Then she was cut and with no explanation her part was filled the last few episodes by Iran Castillo from Preciosa. Now she seem to have a featured role. Hmmmmmmmm. I must write about cleaning and tidying as a means of warding off evil. Also, the transom in the boys' room opened for the first time in a couple of seasons--what part of the house has shifted or settled to make that possible, I wonder.


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