Friday, May 10, 2002

This morning's Breakfast Club had a caller inviting people to show up for an anti-gentrification demonstration at tomorrow's Heritage Home tour. I sure can empathize with people's fear of being taxed out, having gone from "houses in that neighborhood are just junk and will be torn down soon and they're just fit for hippies and students and we won't lend on them" to "that part of town's too good for the likes of you" in 2.5 easy decades. Courtesy of the Library, the Insomniac Book Club raced through the first half of Yemen: the Unknown Arabia. The author certainly projects an unpleasant persona but we share a fascination for the quirks of idiomatic expression in various languages. I see that he's milking his experience for all it's worth and that Mackintosh-Smith's current book apparently also devotes a generous chunk of prose to qat.


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