Sunday, May 05, 2002

Whew! With graduation over, time for the conjunto festival. The revelation of the day was Dueto Carta Blanca con George y Mague. Even with ninety-degree temperatures, they brought the dance floor to life. We realized that we've sat next to Margaret Gomez and chatted with her several times at these events without realizing who she was. I had a delicious gordita with pico de gallo and K. pleased himself with two hot dogs. As always, there were almost more people attending in strollers than on two legs. We spent most of our time set up under a pecan tree. The KB Homes booth had a foam house with a bluebird on the roof and fat shoes and gloves. KB Homes, the former Kaufman & Broad, wasn't even an official sponsor--just rented a little booth. The men sat in the shade; the two young girls took turns suiting up and leading the suited-up person around the grounds. The leader was taking Polaroids of children with the house. Then the parents would come by with the photo for a free frame at the booth. We were privy to a great conversation between the KB guy and a KVET guy about the benefits of sponsoring el cinco de mayo and how they want to be in on the ground floor with this rapidly developing market. Also next to us was a booth selling pralines and bags of shelled nuts: a woman, her son, his wife, and their son. The guy reminded us of Jack. He had a beautiful vessel for the nuts and the oil and seasonings and an interesting utensil for keeping the nuts moving in the coating of oil. All was done on one of those devices used for deep-frying turkey. After a weekend like this, we were crashing just as Jaime y los Chamacos were taking the stage.


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