Monday, April 29, 2002

Yahoo deserves whatever happens to it, IMO. For hours it was impossible to log on to check SouthRiverAustin. I haven't really watched King of the Hill, but I was amused to learn that supposedly there's a character in it called Luanne Platter, obviously named after that fabulous Luby's creation, her near-namesake, the Lu Ann Platter. All the trashy pulp revistas about farandula are having homenajes to Maria Felix. I hate movies from the 'fifties, generally speaking, but one of my true favorites is "La Escondida". I had never realized that among her husbands were both Agustin Lara and Jorge Negrete. The escapist book club has not closed its doors. Courtesy of the library, I zoomed through A Going Concern, by Catherine Aird--basic stuff, but for a long time the library wasn't acquiring any new ones. I liked it that most of the characters' last names were those of type faces: Baskerville, Didot, Goudy, and Garamond among them. A less successful name used was Gillsans, which is highly unlikely. Cheltenham would have been a good one to use, but I don't remember that it was called into play.


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