Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I can't believe we got suckered into watching the PBS documentary on the Hudson. Personally, I think that if TV was on the menu, then it should have been Smallville, but S-ville no doubt will be repeated. We'll probably watch the second and final part as well, gulls that we are. This must have been a low-budget production. A huge chunk was spent shilling for some obnoxious dealers in Hudson River School or luminist painters, when therre are any number of legitimate art historians that could have been consulted. At one point the screen showed a painting of Lake George, not the Hudson. Footage of the Hudson River Day Line was used to illustrate tales of Fulton and the Clermont. We enjoyed the two old boys (Quinn and Selzer?) at the crematorium. There were a lot of unidentified visuals having to do with Glens Falls and at last Finch & Pruyn was mentioned, in connection with river drives. Not the least of this productions sins was spending an inordinate amount of time listening to the insufferable Bill McKibbon drone on. IRL, he seems to be just as obnoxious as one would have believed. Bill Moyers may be the worst hand with a canoe paddle ever seen. He appeared to be living in mortal fear that the canoe would capsize or that he'd topple in; McK in the stern was doing all the work.


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