Monday, April 22, 2002

They haven't succeeded in driving unpasteurized cider off the market yet. The kind of people who need warning labels on cider are the kind of people who don't notice the difference in taste and have never had their own cider vinegar, cider "champagne," or hard cider. The only time I ever saw my mother come close to crying was when she dropped a six-and-a-half-gallon glass carboy of cider onto her foot. I know that I would have fainted or maybe even died right there on the spot. We used to have three laboratory glass acid vials with ground-glass stoppers, bought for a quarter each at a flea market long ago. One is lost, and sulphuric acid, used to hold after-shave lotion. was dropped onto a tile floor and broken a couple of years ago. Now HCL has fallen onto its noggin and had the stopper driven in too far for us to be able to remove, thereby joining the old cutglass vinegar caster. If only we could find someone with one of those handy-dandy glass-joint pullers.


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