Sunday, April 28, 2002

Ever since a trench had to be dug diagonally the entire way across Mack's Yard (don't ask) we've been using the bare patch to grow, first Home Depot super-bargain Dutch tulips, followed by several varieties of spectacular poppies from mystery bulk seed bouth at Big Red Sun over by Terrazas Library branch, followed by bachelor buttons, Drummond's phlox, and delphinium. We put up a sign on Mack's gate asking the contract meter readers to forgive us and, if they were so inclined, to avoid walking on the part of the yard. Thanks to reader compliance, we have had a truly spectacular show and continue to have one. During the last week, though, suddenly the paper sign that we had stapled to the gate began looking ragged and finally was found on the ground. Replaced twice, twice it was back on the ground, each time smaller. Now we know the reason: blue jays! They must be attracted to the paper as nest material. Mystery solved; case closed.


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