Thursday, June 27, 2002

When the call is made about picking up the package, we're told that the recipients, gracious to the end, have left it for two days out on their front porch, despite all. It will not fit in the trunk; it will not fit through the doors; we open it on the street in order to remove some or all of the contents. Styrofoam packing material does the usual. Despite the mistreatment received by this shipment at all stages along the way and the terribly crushed and rumpled look of the outer package, it was packed properly for shipping china, able to withstand being pitched around, left out in all weathers, and stood upsidedown, even though marked "fragile" and with "up" and "down" sides. We were down on our hands and knees recapturing escaped styrofoam peanuts. At last enough of the contents had been removed so that the remainder could be manipulate to fit in the car with the trunk open. On to the circus; maybe there'll be something to smile about for a change.


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