Tuesday, August 20, 2002

The Desvelado Book Circle has enjoyed "A Country Doctor," read for the first time. The father of Sarah Orne Jewett was also a country physician.>>>A lot of the scanner software seemed to have become corrupted. It was impossible to save a *.tif file and the copy utility was producing very bad color renditions, among other, less crucial problems. Software was freezing and crashing, also, from time to time. Luckily some uninstalls, disconnecting the scanner, reinstalling various software, and reconnecting the scanner seems to have resolved everything, so far as has been discovered so far.>>>This morning was discovered the first shoots of schoolhouse (oxblood) lily, at Spike's corner. Last year they were late; this year they'll be early. The people at Gardens are reported to be selling the bulbs, at something like $2.85 each.


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