Sunday, October 20, 2002

Bielinski's has turned to producing chicken sausage. "We pass everyr test, and we know we're the best!" This is reportage from Central Market South. Sunday seems to be better than Saturday for avoiding the annoyance factor, which keeps us from shopping there more than three or four times a year. Only when we're driven there do we go: somebody's craving for sulze/souse or the inability to find Pederson's sausage anywhere else or need some Pederson's Canadian bacon for eggs benedict. We hit it lucky and actually found link sausage. It's Pederson's and has a high fennel factor, which is great, though we don't know whether it's intentional or just left over from an Italian-sausage production run. In celebration of the cooler weather at last, we invested in a good-sized joint for the oven. There was one butcher on duty behind the counter, obviously a veteran, and he did us up right. Although there was nothing to complain about in any way; Kash-Karry's is still better for flavor.


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