Thursday, October 10, 2002

Major League Baseball is so stingy with free on-line information these days that the best source seems to be baseball in Spanish, courtesy of Univision. I was hoping to find out who plays Barbara Rivera in that over-the-top way, competing with Marga Lopez for most chewed-up scenery. The site doesn't even have a complete cast listing, but I found an entire site dedicated to novela forums, which has quite a humorous and active one devoted to postings in English on El privilegio. Last night was the first time that I noticed a credit for Barbara, but it went by too fast. She turns out to be Maty Huitron and we've never seen her in a soap. Her stage experience is considerable. Love that custume in Privilegio. She is invariably attired in an ankle-length skirt, but one slit up to there, and she sports matinee-length or 12-button sateen gloves, gaudy rings worn over, and brandishes a long cigarette holder. Usually there's a "jewel"-studded sparkly wide polo-type belt, also. A web digression took me to a major glove site, with links to many others. When it comes to glove, La Crasia has a lock on the fashion mags.


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