Wednesday, October 09, 2002

We're still keeping up with "El privilegio de amar" but when there's a commercial we flip the dial. The nearest neighbor is the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which even has a domain in Spanish. Very often the preacher is John Hagee of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, of whom we had never before heard. Lately we saw him sing with three of his children, which upped him on the scale. This week we saw him fronting a combo and playing a vaguely jazzy saxophone version of "I'll Fly Away," which upped him even more! I thought his name was James, a mistake taken into account by his meta-tags, evidently, because a Google search turned up the proper site, at which there's an immediate pop-over window touting "Avenger of Blood," described as the second volume of The Apocolypse Diaries and having the following descriptive blurb: "This powerful sequel to Devil's Island follows the apostle John and the family of Christians he has befriended as they confront danger and the many challenges that face first-century believers."


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