Monday, July 28, 2003

Out of training

Having learned our lesson with the Club Wed registry last year, we dashed right out to Target to check the Lullaby Club. I'm getting really fast with the touch screen. We were lucky to find an employee who revealed the secrets of the aisle- numbering scheme, tracked down the items we sought, and checked at other stores to see whether an out-of-stock item could be found. Then, having decided that we should buy baby-specific wrapping paper, we immediately forgot to do it at Target, passed by the Walgreen store with the great stationery selection, and then settled for the shop on Riverside. We'd been doing so well for so long at not acquiring "pretty paper, pretty ribbons" and then this! Besides the moon-and-stars paper for the baby shower and the reels of blue, white, and pale-yellow ribbon, we also just "had" to buy paper with a pattern reminiscent of 1950s tablecloth, hanky, and wallpaper patterns, featuring cherries. We're just not used to shopping, let alone shopping with a purpose.


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