Sunday, August 17, 2003

Club Desvelado update

Zapped through during night-time reading were After the Stroke (May Sarton) and The Summer of The Great-Grandmother (Madeleine L'Engle). Hugh Franklin. L'Engle's husband, played Dr. Charles Tyler, on All My Children, a factoid new to me. I can't think what cheerful part of the library these came from on that flying visit to the Manchaca branch. Thanks to a quick search on the L'Engle book, though, I've found a site to which I'd like to return at leisure: the literature, arts, and medicine database, complete with annotations and cross-topic headings. Two great pieces from the September Wired are Confessions of a Baggage Screener and an excerpt from Tufte's Power Point is Evil, which won't be archived on line for several days, plus an article called "MIT Everywhere," not yet archived on line, reporting on the progress of the MIT open courseware project. When the courseware project began, it was tough to get to see because it was so flooded, so I'd almost forgetten about it There are all sorts of subject headings that I hope to have time to look into. Also great is the Fortune article on Hooters.