Monday, September 08, 2003


Azteca America is finally coming in on channel 20, so there's another viewing choice for non-cable households. Montoto's panaderia is finally open and even had an ad in El Mundo. It also has been doing some promotion on La Invasora radio station. It's open daily from 6:00 a.m. Everything was clean and fresh, but it's heavy on the pan dulce, not my favorites. Somehow we forgot to buy a marranito so I don't know how theirs are. I did like the non-sweet, lardy, layered, crisp and flaky item that was formed almost into an infinity sign not quite closed, which had had one surface covered entirely in extremely fresh and strong cinnamon. We were lucky in our periodicals, finding a Villager (now at last back at H-E-B and in its own rack), Arriba, El Norte, El Mundo, Tribeza, two issues of Austin Woman (kind and interesting articles about Iris Jones and Toby Futrell and an inane one about a certain person described as "an open space preservationist"), and the new Capital Metro bus schedule. Also noted are a lengthy letter in the October Atlantic by Pete Wassdorf commenting on gubernatorial clemency review in Texas, John Mackey and Whole Foods feature in Fortune, the destruction of a neighborhood tree, and a glaring oversight in copy-editing involving augers and augurs (in the 7 September Sunday NYT mag). The letter-writer mentioned his Harvard education of six decades ago. Those were the days when, if you had the tuition money, you were admitted.


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