Saturday, August 30, 2003

Time out for fencing

And not the kind that involves an epee, a foil, or a sabre. It was worth it to take time away from other matters (some of them the sort of unpleasant duties that it's always tempting to dodge for a while) to assist in erecting a fence without working under the sidewalk superintendency of others. The brains behind this project belonged to somebody else; I was just the equivalent of a pole-and-chain guy on a surveying team. What I had always thought of as hardware cloth is apparently referred to by some as welded-wire fencing. T-posts (6-foot) and post pounders were in heavy play. There's a great fence forum at the American Fence Association and there I found my favorite nostalic fence, loop and double-loop garden fence, which makes a great trellis for twining plants. Somebody has found it here in Austin to use to enclose the front yard at the house built around an oak tree where we once lived.