Sunday, August 24, 2003

In memoriam

I'm so glad that we heard Floyd Tillman attack his own songs several times. I hope that his royalty deals were good ones. We've been hearing a lot of his songs on the radio, including, of course, Slippin' Around, sung by Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely. I was surprised to learn from K. that he knows Jimmy Wakely as a movie cowboy; I know him especially from this song, on the jukebox at the Corners. When it comes to movie cowboys, I think of Ken Maynard and Johnny Mack Brown first thing. E.B. was my "computer father." He suited my style of learning, which is to figure it out by myself, know what makes everything work from behind the scenes, ask questions only when necessary, and refer to printed material where available. A person alive with intellectual curiosity and a thirst to learn and teach is gone.