Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Miraculous modern mini-marvel

Although it's a plug-and-play device for newer operating systems, installation for Win98 is another matter. There are no useful instructions with the device or at the site, either, really, but eventually I got it done. I'm talking about the Flashkey USB pen drive. This is one of the most wonderful presents any computer-user can ever receive. In the hand, the device feels right in the same way that a good jacknife does. Its case has a sort of organic shape and the way the cover is removed is somehow ingratiating also. There are little circular depressions on either side to be gripped to remove the cap. It is peculiar, though, that the lettering on the case is upside down when its inserted into a vertical USB drive. For those whose tastes run to gadgetry, this is the party favor of the year.