Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Stop that noise!

Who's left to know the age of one of the ceiling fans? Yesterday it was slow to start, and then it began making an alarming noise. Time to add some oil? Where? In a quarter century it's been done once, by a quivery, quavery elderly man sent by Bettis Appliances. Thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, Hunter Fans are found soon enough, but the site is a confusing one. At last, there's a referral to a technical site. Everything's slow to load and there are no pictures of most of the items. Finally there's a brochure with diagrams that does more than discuss the need to add oil; it almost tells how and where to lubricate the fan and with what grade of oil. And I could find the tube of oil. First there wasn't enough added; now there's too much, so that there's a little dripping on the floor. But the noise has stopped, and I'll remember how to do this the next time.