Monday, October 13, 2003

Living it up

T. ducked out of his reunion (only he and the former principal were of the older generation). Saturday night we hit the Tree House. We didn't want to be across the river because of the loss to Oklahoma. Our waiter had also found our neighborhood to be too Yuppified and had moved eastward. He'd been trout-fishing in the Gila wilderness this summer and is enrolled in a graduate program for something called "comparative education." K. treated himself to an extremely generous plate of mussels. Veal of one sort or another was on every plate but mine, where a hefty chunk o' salmon was fine. At 6:30 yesterday morning, K. and T. headed for Sweetish Hill, then we hit the educators' discount event at Borders, Central Market for the benefit of the tourist, who sampled the samples generously, and then Mimosa Cafe before heading to the airport. The tempura was generous and great; T. had katsu don, again I mightily enjoyed a huge helping of fresh salmon straight from the pan. T. decided that the people there are mostly Korean.


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