Monday, October 06, 2003

Light inventory shrinkage

The City of Austin is missing a streetlight. Or at least it can't find one. Of course, it's Austin Energy, as it likes to call itself, pretending not to be a part of the City of Austin. A City truck forlornly cruises the streets most mornings early, a truck with a bucket crane. This may have been going on now for weeks. The light or cobrahead luminaire that it's probably seeking is on as much as it's off. It may have a faulty ballast or wiring because it behaves in this way every year or so. Somebody always reports it, which is not a good thing to do because, when it's out, the speed of nighttime traffic drops considerably. What's happening must be either that the light's always on when the truck goes by so early or that the crew just plain can't find it. The latter supposition is probably the correct one. The address was probably given as Such-and-such Street and So-and-so Place. There are two luminaires that can be located that way, one a long block away from the other, because the cross street is offset. Eventually the truck will find what it's looking for, but the fix probably won't last all that long.


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