Monday, September 29, 2003

Sans popcorn

Because we're seeing volunteer nasturtiums and because they sometimes make it through the winter in sheltered spots, we thought we'd scoop up some seed packets for them and for sweet peas and calendulas. Wanting to avoid the giant places, we hit Big Red Sun first, but it was closed, and so was Everett Hardware (make that Breed & Co. these days). But Sledd Nursery was hoppin' and boppin' and we even got some Rose Mix. We didn't want to go all the way out to Gardens and get suckered into big bucks. The raging carnivore wanted lamb, so we hit WhoFoo, where K. invested in a really fresh mackerel and some fresh sardines. Then we feasted. I had never tasted fresh sardines before, but they were tasty, and very pretty before being cooked. Thus it was that, for the first time in forever, we went to the movies and bought no refreshments. We went intending to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico, but, even though it was showing on three screens, we were at the wrong time, so settled for Freaky Friday, which was entertaining in its own right, with production design by Austin's own Cary White. We did notice that the movie drawing the oldest audience was Under the Tuscan Sun.


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