Monday, September 22, 2003

Confusion proliferates

Evidently the credit-card people are dealing with the fraudulent, unauthorized charges at three different levels: (1) regular disputed-charges department, (2) VIP disputed-charges department, and (3) fraud-investigation section. On Saturday came a letter from the VIP folks that was very full and explanatory, graciously removing the wrongful charges and accumulated interest, although stating that, if the merchant, a/k/a evil, can substantiate the propriety of the charges, they may in future be reinstated. Two days after that, which is to say today, arrived a letter from the regular disputed-charges department (dated two days earlier than the one from the VIP folks that arrived Saturday), reporting that it's all being looked into. The third credit-reporting bureau has at last weighed in. There's still insufficient information to permit filing a police report.


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