Sunday, September 21, 2003

These must go!

From the little scraps of paper currently littering my home desk come the following, most of which are mysterious. When they've been set down here, out go the notes. There will be no quotation marks around these notations, but they may be imagined. What can be recalled about the note will follow the colon. Sansevieria: "need" to replace the ones bought for a quarter at Fiesta Mart and left outside during the wrong night this winter, because they're missed, but such cheap ones will never again be found. Owens smoked sausage: even though it's in a horseshoe shape and a bit thick, this tastes most like the best kind of hotdogs, the kind that can't be found these days; the links are tough to find also. Michael Dibdin: has a new mystery out set in Venice. CPE: one set of dues, etc., has been taken care of; the other's due by the end of October. Aussie: need to respond to correspondence. Garner Ted Armstrong: died; used to be some of the best radio for lack of better when on the road; want to find out just what those nematodes (those cowboy nematodes) were all about; reminded of Fulton Oursler and Bishop Fulton J. Sheen (talk about burning eyes!), neither now much remembered, I bet. Seeds. Wheatsville. OfficeMax: must replace paper and toner used in battle against, the evil Elisabeth Sifton: daughter of Reinhold Niebuhr; after life as book editor has written a memoir; in it, she points out that the "serenity prayer" was composed by Niebuhr, not by St. Francis of Assisi. Hoover's Cooking: another future stop on the cornbread-tasting route. 30,885; 84 min: number of files on home computer; number of minutes to run anti-virus program (so that there's some notion of how long things will take). Gladiator garageworks: because things on wheels are great. Mell Lawrence architects: found out they're responsible for the Gardens structures and for the beautiful little temporary folly that sat in the Capitol grounds for a while. Domains: the evil namezero is trying to put one over again, it appears. Favorites seen just this week: "honing in," neck "gator" (for gaiter), , and miniscule rather than minuscule (the latter is seldom seen lately, but the former is ever more frequently used), and, then, "for member's only," and let's not get started on caveat. Websites: geisha asobi, gawker, the Slatin report. Now there's much more naked horizontal surface on this desk.


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