Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Cleaning up for the plumber

When older houses were constructed, they weren't built with the convenience and comfort of plumbers kept in mind. Thank goodness we don't have one of those pedestal sinks, but every other imaginable condition leading to the need for physical contortion is present. So all sorts of impedimenta get moved elsewhere. And then there's cleaning. When you know that the plumber you've called is a very tidy and methodical person, you want him to think his best of your household. Even though tomorrow's the earliest he may be able to appear, we're spending every spare minute tidying, scouring, washing, dusting, and sweeping, beginning with on-purpose early rising and on-purpose staying up late to work on this stuff. There's not one of our friends who is as neat and tidy as Nick from Union Jack Plumbing, 288-0749. "The British are plumbing! The British are plumbing!" is the motto on his van. There's been no time to acquire more paper to replace the ream expended in combat with the evil amazon.com and no time to worry about dental problems. One crisis displaces another.


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