Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Amazon.com is still the thief of time

Reliable old MightyFax is really getting a workout (it didn't cost this much in the beginning, but even at the price of $19.95 it would be well worth it). I'll never understand people who take their personal business to the workplace; the stuff to be seen round the copier and the fax machine is always revelatory, to say the least. At least a lot of the clean-up caused by Amazon.com can be done at any time 'round the clock, thanks to faxing and 24-hour toll-free call service centers. As to the dealings with the credit bureaus, Experian was fastest off the mark, with a free on-line report download and a fast follow-up through the mail. Mail from TransUnion arrived two days after, but contains more complete information about the federal (and even Texas) laws concerning these matters. There's nothing yet from the friendly folks at Equifax.


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