Monday, September 15, 2003

The days dwindle down

September's not leaving soon enough. A uniformed fellow with nothing better to do pulled the car over. First he sat in his patrol vehicle and ran the plates on his MDT (mobile data terminal). Then he came to the door and curtly asked for license and proof of insurance, both of which were luckily at hand. Then he went back to his vehicle and ran the license through the NCIC/TCIC system. Then he returned and said "your tail light is defective. You can go now." Who or what he was looking for who knows, but this was not a genial guy and his nameplate wasn't exactly visible. Since this was the weekend of el 16 de septiembre, there did seem to be a lot of patrol cars out and around the parts of town we frequent, pulling over those not gleamy shiny white-complected. Before the car went in for its inspection, a turn signal was fixed. Perhaps at that time the brake light on that side was unfixed. Jangly teeth plus the little encounter with Officer Friendly took the fun out of the notion of going over to Fiesta Gardens to hear some music closer up, but at least the volume was high enough so that we could hear it from the house. And the downpour cleared in time so that there could be music, which had certainly been in doubt earlier in the day. Then plumbing disaster struck.


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