Wednesday, October 01, 2003

On purpose?

What's the deal with slippery shoelaces? The hint that's usually given for dealing with them is to put some candlewax on them. This is not at all an appealing idea; nor can I believe that it's a solution that works. A search on "slippery shoelaces" surprisingly elicits pages of results. The shoelace becomes a blog topic regularly. Some sites, including ones devoted to walking and also to assistive living, counsel just giving up and either buying all-cotton flat laces or switching to Velcro fasteners for the shoes. There are mentions of the recurring nature of the problem, even when laces are double-knotted. This is the third pair of these shoes bought, but the first with the possessed shoelaces. And then there are trademarked "Lock Laces," with the patented spring-activated locking device. Talk about technology!


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