Monday, October 27, 2003

Revisiting some vinyl

Seldom does this happen, because Austin is a great, great radio town, but there've been times this weekend when we needed to be home by the telephone and there was nothing being broadcast that was just right. Because there are at least a few things about the weekend that I would actually like to recall, some of the items heard will be listed as a mnemonic aid. Some albums are too old to be stereo. Some jackets still have red sandstone dust from New Mexico. Some are cutouts or radio-station copies. Several still have their J.R. Reed Music or Woolworth's labels and prices on the jackets; these were bought before the bus came. Charles Black, in a 1979 Yale Law Review article called "My World with Louis Armstrong," mentions buying records at Reed.
That Makes Two of Us (Merle Haggard & Bonnie Owens): From this, favorites are the title song; Stranger in My Arms; So Much for Me, So Much for You; Just Between the Two of Us; and (I Stopped Livin' When Our Love Died and Now) I Wanta Live Again (1966)
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
The Jasmine Isle: Javanese Gamelan Music: this is one of those great original Electra Nonesuch Explorer records, and has been raided by every "New Age" music outfit that exists
Frederica von Stade Song Recital: everything still sounds good, except that "Jenny Rebecca" is still a song I don't ever want to hear again
Monk's Dream (Thelonious Monk Quartet): still great in every way, every track; it's so wonderful to have heard him as many times as I did
Miles and Monk at Newport: love that Coltrane bonus; can do without Pee Wee Russell (but all tracks are great nonetheless)
Lush Life (John Coltrane, of course): this is the first LP ever bought with my very own money and I never, never get tired of it; love that Prestige "modern" center label
A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the World (or, My Salute to Bob Wills)(Merle Haggard): plenty of original Playboys, with hot work by Johnny Gimble; I'll always love "Time Changes Everything" and "I've Got an Old-Fashioned Love in My Heart" in particular
Los Madrugadores del Valle: Discos Joey has never let me down
Mis 25 Anos en la musica (Flaco Jimenez): this has two very extended medleys of his hits and his father's and I can't get Viva Seguin out of my head now
Los Intocables: in addition to originals, this album features some greats from the epoca de oro of the movies
El Gran Flaco Jimenez: thank you again, Discos Joey, with lots of songs by Don Santiago
Flaco Jimenez y su conjunto (Arhoolie reissue compiled mostly from 45s )


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