Saturday, October 18, 2003

So it is called scopa

We were talking about having the water rising over the bottom steps of the porch and running over Cosey Beach Avenue. That made me try to remember the card game that the old men at the Sons of Garibaldi were playing, the same one I used to see other old men playing when I was a kid. (It was probably really the Sons of Italy, though. Whichever it was, the stars and stripes and the Italian flag, as well as the Lodge flag, were always out there when the weather was good enough.) During the night I must have remembered, because this morning I was sure it was scopa, and it was! Without the 'net how could we be sure of any factoid? If "scopa" is related to "sweep," then "escoba" or "broom" in Spanish must be a cognate of some kind, even though I think that the Spanish verb is "barrer."


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