Friday, November 28, 2003

All about the movies

Having already forgotten most of the home-viewing done lately, courtesy of Vulcan Video, here are the items that have stuck in the memory. All About the Benjamins was a wonderful surprise: a treat to the eye and very funny, with Cube as a bounty hunter. Nobody, but nobody, among the critics likes it half so well as we do. Legally Blonde 2 really is almost as bad as people would have you believe, one of the worst things seen in ages. Too bad for all concerned. We very much enjoyed Alma's Rainbow, which, although it at times has the air of a filmed play, is quite charming and with a cast full of personable actors. Costume credits don't seem to be up anywhere, but the designs were very creative and evocative. Was the movie filmed in Fort Greene? No; now I remember there were thanks in the end-credits to the residents of Mount Morris Avenue, so the park must be Marcus Garvey Park. I never realized that Marcus Garvey was Marcus Aurelius Garvey. In one branch of the family there was alternating naming of Marcus Aurelius and Philip Marcus. We could see about three minutes of Best in Show, because the tape was defective, but we certainly want to try it again.


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