Monday, November 10, 2003

New scent for laundry detergent

Since there aren't many white items in this household's laundry, there's no need to pay the premium for Tide detergent. Tide used to have a great scent, but then it changed. The closest approximation was in Albertson's higher-priced store brand. Then Albertson's started stocking a lower-grade store brand, which has a decent scent. We happened to be at H-E-B when we next bought detergent. The H-E-B store brand has a scent that recalls fresh corn tortillas. What's with this? Was it stored at whatever location produces H-E-B's house-brand tortillas? Maybe it's time to go back to Duz ("Duz does everything").


At 11:44 AM, December 18, 2007, Anonymous sweety said...

I don't like aundry scents:(

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