Thursday, September 30, 2004

Fillmore East bet settled

Creedence not only played there but did so several times, according to the Fillmore show site. The listing isn't perfect, though, bcause it has "Wilbur" not Wilbert Harrison, and only once, and it omits The Joy of Cooking, among others. We always had such good seats. How could I not remember who played? So there! It's astonishing how influential Sly & the Family Stone continue to be. This outfit is sampled almost as much as James Brown is. So many had a crush on Cynthia Robinson, the trumpeter. The bet arose because we were talking about the jukebox at Scholz's and how, as long as it was on there, Bad Moon Rising always had to played, right along with Waltz Across Texas and Two More Bottles of Wine (one of the few times that Delbert's version is outdone by anybody else's version of anything, but, since Delbert McClinton gets composer's royalties on this one, I'm sure he doesn't mind).


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