Thursday, October 21, 2004

Items of doom

Item number one is the Bulb Box of Doom. It's The Works, Southern Style, from White Flower Farm, 100 bulbs bought for $39 and free shipping, a special deal available a while ago. Now the Bulb Box of Doom has been delivered. One hundred bulbs to plant doesn't sound That Bad, but it is. Every year I do my best not to acquire additional spring bulbs. I keep us away from Sledd's (West Lynn and 12th), the Great Outdoors, and that especially evil and tempting place, Gardens. I hide the catalogues. It does no good. So far, we've avoided the locals, but there is that Box of Bulbs, waiting reproachfully. We usually plant the first week or two of November, but it would be okay to do it now and okay to do it later. I just don't want to be the one stuck again. Item number two is the Pumpkin Duo of Doom. Why couldn't it be just one pumpkin? I just know it will fall to my lot to do the carving again. It's two, though, both from the pumpkin patch at Grace United Methodist Church, just east of Congress.


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