Sunday, March 20, 2005


The bleary-eyed were dazedly ambling around downtown and on the bridge. Most will be leaving town sometime today. The Inter-regional was practically at a standstill northbound. We decided that it must be students returning from Padre. Over on the Eastside, all was peaceful. People were busy hauling out broken-down furniture, old hot-water heaters, and the various odds and ends acceptable for pick-up in the eyes of the solid-waste people with the City. I couldn't catch a picture of the funny pick-up loads of giant piñatas in the form of rabbits standing on two legs. I can't remember how the Party Piñata people were pricing them, but there were bargain baskets of cascarones set out on the lot. Certainly they'd have to be cheaper than what the Laguna Gloria people sell them for during the spring art show. Their banner now drapes the abandoned Intel building. I'd like to see that building stay as it is, but be enclosed in some sort of wire mesh for walls and have good stairways (and probably an elevator and plumbing core) installed. It should be draped in lights. Banners should be shown against the walls. Since it can be seen from so many vantage points, the view from its topmost floor must be quite good also. But no! The Feds have taken it as their own, or plan to. Maybe we'll be one of the lucky cities and get a decent new courthouse. It's wrong for the City to keep Waterloo knew what they were doing.


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