Thursday, April 07, 2005


A given song can be associated with a certain mood, time, place. That's why it's good to hear something new. But sometimes those old jukebox stinkers just rise to the surface. There was a funny musical coincidence, though: K. has been tormenting us with that old Dean Martin song (not thought of in years and years and years) called something like "Memories Are Made of This," with a choral refrain or obligato that goes something like "the mem'ries you gave-a me." This morning Rod Moag played some Margo Smith vinyl and she sang that song. Yikes! Anyhow, I was able to work and have the radio on at the same time, so I went on from Rod M. to Isidoro Lopez. I really like Marcos Orozco's voice, even though I've never heard him in person, not even when he was with David Lee Garza and came through Austin all the time. IL also played a new Tropa F and also some Bobby Flores, which was really snappy. I bet he doubled voice when he was touring with Ray Price; the voices are similar. So are the tempi.


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