Thursday, March 31, 2005

The blood boils

Without capture of one message by a television camera-operator, the City no doubt would have denied that any such messaging had occurred, no matter what the people at the site might have declared was seen. The original story was buried deep inside the local daily. Then the AP picked it up. It had been gossip in certain circles before anything at all appeared in print. What television coverage was is unknown. Then there were texts of some messages, then texts of more, made public. As time has gone on, it has been revealed that the messaging went on for two hours and that there were dozens of messages. As a taxpayer and someone who has done some time along the way as a public servant, I am outraged that misuse of public resources on public time by public servants has gone essentially unpunished. This is all apart from the outrage felt at the glossing over of the content of these messages. This story isn't over yet.


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