Saturday, March 26, 2005


We've been having lots of fun with the old JamCam (has a flash and shows how long the shutter lag lasts) and the Concord Mini-IQ (without a flash). Neither has a display and each was acquired for under twenty dollars. K. especially likes the way the JamCam feels; I like to be able to slip the Concord into a pocket. The free Picasa has been great for viewing graphics. It even helped me in a hurry when that editor called wanting to know the source of the Pen is Mightier image. But the Hello or Blogger-teamed photo-upload feature is slow and not intuitive. Whenever there's the temptation to invest the upload time from the old dial-up, it's all like starting over again. So today I tried Flickr. Flickr clamed that the posting to the weblog was not successful, but in fact it was.


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