Friday, March 25, 2005

Getting and spending

Last weekend we sprang for a new 13-inch color television. We were mostly hearing our novela and imagining the visuals. It's great to have a television that shows captions. This must be a new feature since whenever we bought the one that we're replacing. The new television is much lighter in weight, so must have more electronic components than the old one. Another wonderful aspect of the new one is that most of the gazintas are on the front, not the back. We'll not report which person unfastened the video-recorder end of the connection between it and the old television. It took a lot of reading to get everything back up and running. At first, we couldn't record. Then somebody realized that somebody else had hooked the antenna to the television and not to the video recorder and that the video recorder must be a tuner and therefore need antenna reception in order to record. The recorder could play the only videos we own (Kino's Buster Keaton set), but wasn't recording anything viewable or listenable. The kind young guy at Target sold us an extremely cheap DVD player and said he was confident that we could connect everything. The kind young guy at Radio Shack sold us some kind of piggyback connector that permitted running stuff both from the TV to the VCR gazintas and also from the TV to the DVD gazintas. My first thought had been to ask about an A-B switch, but that turned to be more expensive. We have no test DVD to play. K. didn't think that the new device would play CDs; I thought otherwise. We have only about a couple of dozen CDs, and one did play. Now we're ready to check out the enticements at Pedazo Chunk. I believe that I have succeeded in maintaining my proud position as the most techno-advanced among my nearest and dearest, or at least among the age contemporaries of my acquaintance, or at least among those known to be their very own tech service.


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