Saturday, June 18, 2005

Best parade of the year

As we did last year, we took up a spot across from the Fresh Up Club. We walked a longer distance to get there, though. On the way we saw the troop of gaited horses taking up a side street. The riders were practicing changing leads and paces. I know that I recently saw a very nice article about this tradition (TexMo, AustinMo, Tribeza?), but I can't find it on line. This year, there were corporate sponsors in addition to civic ones: in addition to the expected radio stations, there were H-E-B, complete with a float, and Wells Fargo, with its promotional stagecoach drawn by a team of four. Two guys with a wheeled tub of ice were doing a very decent business selling bottled water. An older woman had made tinsel crowns with streamers and other hair decorations for sale. There was a paletero. We love these bands! Each one is very different in style and spirit from any of the others. In one, the guys sang at times. People who don't hear these kids are really missing something!


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