Saturday, July 23, 2005

Elusive refill

For certain purposes, we've come to be rather fond of a writing implement called Sanford Pilot Vision Elite. The cap has a colored tip and there are portholes along the side. In fact, it's all rather like a 1966 Cadillac. But OfficeMax, where the pens are acquired, doesn't carry refills, not on line and not in catalogues. Seeing that Office Depot does show them on line, we hit the one on South Lamar, where we used to go before defecting to the OfficeMax on Lamar. Refills were in stock, although not in both sizes and not for all colors. In fact, although the pens are made in colors in addition to the classic blue, blue-black, black, and red, it doesn't appear that refills for the additional colors are out there anywhere. Office Depot is no longer open 24 hours a day. As with OfficeMax, the staff is young and personable. Computers and cameras are displayed in a better, more inviting fashion at Office Depot. We still miss G&L, VB&J (or whatever the magic combination of letters was), because that store showed practically every Crane and Eaton paper item, along with an amazing proliferation of writing instruments from the world over, all of which could be tried before purchase. Just as Night Hawk's downfall was to build a new structure, so was the stationery store's. Embassy Suites is atop the old location, and the paleta place is among the new occupants of the store that didn't last.


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