Thursday, August 04, 2005

Why there's not more fuss

The inspection of one out of five subway carry-on items has just caused the filing of a lawsuit. Here are my guesses about why people haven't complained more than they have, even though New Yorkers are expert as dashing and weaving in dense pedestrian traffic and hate to lose even a second. Most luggage is probably actually student backpack stuff, and kids don't complain as much. Other people carry shoes, knitting, and reading material. Shoes can be left at the office or else carried in an open-top tote bag for a quick look. There's no guessing what's done about knitting needles and crochet hooks, in view of what people report concerning air travel. Are they really inspecting hand-carried newspapers and books? Most people, male and female, can carry all in a pocket. That, of course, doesn't help those with babies and diaper bags. Surprisingly few people carry briefcases or briefcase equivalents. All can be done via cell-phone and computer synchronization, so, except for students (again, the young-person thing), most people don't transport laptops. I read everything I see about inspections in NYC, but there's not as much written as I thought there'd be. I do think it's understandable to do a lot of inspecting of people coming over from Jersey on the PATH system!


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