Tuesday, January 10, 2006


How many Scout LPs are still here I don't know. I find that there's an on-line Scout discography, but I'm not sure that it's complete. Visually, at least, there are some albums here that aren't on this screen and there may be some on the screen that I've never seen. The ones played last night are Hubert's American Blues, Sc-4, and Up the Country, Sc-3, with various artists. I love the jacket copy on the Hubert Sumlin album: "Jimi Hendrix says -- My favorite guitar player is Hubert Sumlin." Sumlin is joined on various tracks by Sunnyland Slim, Willie Dixon, and Clifton James. My favorite track on the Up the Country disc is Sippie Wallace: "Woman be wise; don't advertise your man." She has an old person's voice, but great intonation and expression. This would make a wonderful cover for someone, which no doubt many have realized. (I see that Bonnie Raitt recorded it.) Sumlin used to come through Austin fairly regularly, playing at Emmajoe's or Antone's, as I recall. I may have sold some of these long ago to Half Price Books.


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