Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time to open the transoms?

We notice that all the traffic lights taken out were south of the river. This was known enough in advance to station police to manually direct traffic. All the accidents seemed to occur where traffic signals were left unaffected. The most politeness and consideration ever seen in Austin these days may be observed at intersections where the signals are out and there's nobody directing traffic. One would have guessed that there'd be no power interruptions for the main post office on tax-filing day. Nothing went out at all east of downtown. Downtown was spared by design. The City press release is less than informative. Yesterday when we called for information or updates, there wasn't much of either to be had. Once, the answer was "squirrels," which is patently untrue. The same people who believe that in winter the thermostat needs to be set at about ninety degrees set the summer thermostat at something like sixty. Meanwhile, the true basic needs go unmet. We were really stewing about the victuals in the refrigerator. We opened it just twice, once for food to heat on the gas stove plus all the ice cubes available and again, later, for not-so-frozen Blue Bell treats.


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