Saturday, June 10, 2006

Running jumping standing still

This is a good-humored but very self-indulgent item. Nevertheless, it has received a lot of play over the years. Surprisingly, it has been reissued in CD form. Neither Spider John Koerner nor Willie Murphy can boast a conventionally decent voice, but personality wins out, despite wasted time vamping on Red Palace and elsewhere. Red Palace, in particular, has stayed on the mental jukebox. The non-vocal aspects of this feature Murphy's sometimes Erroll-Garner-like piano with a little Joy of Cooking thrown in. At other times, the breaks sound very West Coast of the era, as they have a right to. This is Elektra EKS 74041, from 1967. I didn't pay for this. Koerner's still out there throwing his personality around. I assume that these are still worth a cover charge. The title song generates happy thoughts, just as RJSS does, still. Koerner himself describes this album as "a blend of jug band, psychedelic R&B and folk-blues."


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