Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Woodsmoke and oranges

Besides being one of the greatest olfactory combinations, assuming that the woodsmoke is the century-old kind that has permeated everything, this is also the title of Paul Siebel's EKS-74064. Elektra really laid on the sidemen for this one, including David Bromberg and Weldon Myrick. What became of him? I sure do hope he gets some songwriter's royalties, as he certainly should. Ballad of Honest Sam ("Lay Your Cards on the Table") and especially Nashville Again ("It's a long way to Nashville but I've seen that road before; Here's hopin' that she knows me when I stand outside her door; but some wind came up this evening, all the stars have gone away; And there'll be a storm before the dawn, but I can't turn back no more"). Though he doesn't have my favorite type of voice, he's a pure and expressive singer. Some of these have a snappy two-step tempo (e.g., Any Day Woman, which should also be covered by somebody: "If you don't love her, you'd better let her go").


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